Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cheap Pyrex Finds

I got lucky this week and found plenty of nice Pyrex for low, low prices. I'm slowly building up my collection and not breaking the bank doing it. Hooray!

Oh yes...a turquoise Butterprint 442. A steal (in my opinion) for only $6!

Found in the same trip, a black Gooseberry 441 for a conservative $3. 

I squealed a bit when I saw these two Butterprint fridgies at my favorite thrift store for only $0.99.

Come see the rest of my Tuesday Thrift Finds at thriftables.com!



  1. so ready to have a pyrex day! thrifting dry spell over here...

  2. Oh lucky you on the great finds and prices. I haven't found anything for a while and I've been checking a couple of times a week.