Thursday, September 27, 2012

What can you tell me about this piece?

I found this beauty for sale on Craig's List and picked it up yesterday for $15. Everything is in great condition and the warmer looks as though it was never used. So far, I have found one post that says it is a 1959 Christmas Promotional. The pattern is definitely Grapes, but is much smaller than Golden Grapes. Is this one of the promotional pieces without a name? 

Also just had to share that I found this wonderful set yesterday for $35! The last set I saw in my area was $75, so I didn't pass these up! You can see all my other great finds this week at The Halcyon Life

Thanks for your help! 


  1. Wow, that is awesome!!! I'm curious to see what you find out about it as I have never seen this pattern before. Great deal on the butterprint!

  2. It's called Golden Casserole.

  3. I had that piece a while back. It is called "Golden Casserole" and from 1959.

  4. Thanks for helping! I love the Golden Casserole! I have it displayed with all my Fall colored Pyrex!