Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pink Pyrex Ovenware

I found this pink 2 quart ovenware piece at the Goodwill this morning.  There aren't any chips, but the finish looks a little faded to me.  From looking on the internet this appears to be a pink Flamingo piece.  If that isn't correct please let me know.  It was pink and $1.25 so I couldn't pass it up.
UPDATE: Thank you Beth for letting me know that this is a Desert Dawn piece.  I love the speckling but thought it was because of fading. lol
They also had this set of 5 Butterfly Gold tea cups.  No saucers, but I'll find them someday.  They were $4.25 for the five.

I've asked family and friends to keep an eye out for me too.  I'm building my own little Pyrex posse. lol


  1. It is a desert dawn pink. It has flecks in the color....so it isn't faded, it is just right! :)
    I always think the butterfly gold cups are so cute!


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  3. Oh thank you Beth. It does have flecks in it. The tea cups are so dainty. I'm use to the massive ceramic mugs I use.

  4. From this photo it looks more like it's dishwasher damaged. Sometimes they look their colour without losing the shine. Desert Dawn looks like there's sand in the colour - little brown flecks and the pink isn't flamingo, it's softer. Here's a good example - http://www.flickr.com/photos/46064258@N08/4587764023/

    I'm sure you'll find the saucers, I see orphaned saucers all the time!

  5. I'm your newest follower!!! I DO WISH I knew you wanted these earlier...I FIND Lots and Lots of these at our GW...as a matter of fact last week I saw these. I'll be checking for your saucers!!! I just posted a FABULOUS 50s post with the STAR being a CINDERELLA SET that makes my heart beat faster...
    Have a fun week,