Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Pyrex Kitchen

So I said I was only collecting the vintage turquoise pyrexware... then, my addiction took over and I started with some flameware! WHY? Because some day I will have my own kitchen. But for now, I took over my parents' finished basement. My new kitchenaid looks great and matches my pyrex pretty well! Love my cute atomic piece with cradle... has anyone used this to make cheese fondue? Nervous I'll burn the bottom with the candle (don't want to hurt my pyrex!).
Also, what should I make with my new mixer? Any suggestions?
I bought two percalators earlier this summer (actually they are for my mom...). And today we bought a double boiler for $20 at an amazing antique store. I also found these original, in package, coffee filters! The back says they work in electric or non-electric, and in the 9 cup or 4 cup Pyrex. I'm not sure I'd actually use these, but I thought I should buy them for my collection- $4 total.
Wishing I found some solid turquoise pieces today, or some pink stuff... and the prices you guys have been posting- WOW!! No such luck! In my dreams...
Happy Pyrexing!
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  1. Your kitchen will be so cool some day! That is kind of what I am going for too. I'm collecting the turquoise pyrex as well as the black patterns. They will look great in my dream kitchen! Hope you find your solid colors soon!

  2. Love the Turquoise. Hazel Atlas has some turqoise pieces that look great with this Pyrex pattern. I have had my Kitchen Aid for about 20 years and love it. It still acts like it is brand new. I just mixed a white cake in mine this morning. It is in the oven right now. Then I'll use the mixer to make some homemade chocolate frosting. Yum.

  3. Your new mixer looks fab with your pyrex! What a good eye you have to put them together:)