Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What a Wednesday!!

I think this might be my best pyrex thrifting day to date... However I have only been collecting since June.

Anyhow...Here is what I found:
  • On top is a 1957 Christmas Promotion piece, it is a space saver, but I can't find a pattern name.  Possibly "Embroidery"?  It needs a lid and the holder, but it is in pretty good shape! ($2.79)
  • The bottom is my first Daisy in pink!  The lid was actually found at a different store.  (A very good reason to always be on the lookout for lids!) ($2.09)

  • On the left, a 1959 "Golden Scroll"  #444 cindarella bowl, which I found out was part of a chip n' dip! ($4)
  • A fridgie with a lid, it looks to belong to the Butterfly Gold collection, but doesn't have anu pattern. ($1.50)
  • On top of the fridgie my very first teacup, looks like "Flirtation"?  But, I don't know much about teacups. ($1)
  • And finally a "Spring Blossom" #442 cindarella bowl, my first of this pattern ($3)
So all for less than $15!!!!  I would say that is a pretty AWESOME thrifting day!
I usually have much better luck at our local antique stores, but this just goes to show that there are still some great finds in the thrifting world!  These were found at four different stores.  I did go to one store that seemed to think they were an antique store, there were several bowls for $6, $8, and even $15 that I passed on because they were patterns I knew I could find again, hopefully for less.
Happy Pyrex hunting!!


  1. Awesome job! That's definitely a drool-worthy haul.

  2. The yellow and black space saver is Embroidery.

    What an amazing day you had!

  3. Ooh that Embroidery space saver is a VERY exciting find - congrats on all the good thrifting luck, middle of the week stops can be very beneficial!

  4. That is awesome!!!!!!!!
    I really like all of your finds! Tomorrow I am going to post on a few things that I found this week!


  5. i just started my pyrex collection! you have found some great pieces!! It sure becomes addicting, but they are soo cute. I just cant help myself, lol. Pass over to my blog, i am now following you!
    XO Tami

  6. Wow! I'm going shopping with you ;)

    Stacey at

  7. I believe that your 501 fridgie belongs to the Old Orchard set. The Butterfly Gold 501 is white with a gold flower.

    1. Ahhh! Thanks! That makes sense, when I looked up the BG set I didn't see anything like it.

  8. Beauties and at rock bottom prices!

    I've never, ever found a divided dish lid. Found dishes for just about everything else & there's so many divided dishes out there.