Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Pyrex

I found this beautiful Sunflower 1qt. vintage Pyrex dish hiding inside some terrible looking ovenware.
I saw it's bright, lively color peaking through the drab off-white casserole 1990's dishware. Thank goodness I noticed it or else it may have never been saved! :) 3.50.

 Pink-Speckled Desert Dawn Pyrex 8" pie plate. 7.50. I splurged on this little lady. 
My Pyrexia grabbed a hold of me and made me do it!
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  1. Pyrex love/pyrex files and correlle corner all call the lovely yellow one - daisy, not sunflower
    it's gorgeous btw, I've owned one in the past too

  2. They are both beautiful. Every time I think I have a favorite I see something else.

  3. I always feel like I have found something special when I see a dessert dawn piece... Beautiful!

  4. Love your finds and love love love the term "Pyrexia!"