Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Finally! A find!

I've been having a bit of a Pyrex dry spell lately and I only have 2 more weeks to Pyrex hunt before I pack up all of my Pyrex and put it in storage for 2 years and 3 months! Any packing tips would be much appreciated. I begin my Peace Corps service in Senegal on the 25th, so it all has to go into hibernation.

Luckily, today I had an awesome Pyrex find!

Thanks to pyrexlove I recognized (and grabbed) the black tulip decorator casserole right away at one of my favorite thrifts, and paid a grand total of $3.21 for it! Hopefully this isn't my last piece before i go!



  1. I love this dish! I have never seen one in person before and would have grabbed it even if it was more than the amazing price you got if for. Great find!


  2. I love this one too, but I've only ever seen it once before as well! The place I saw it at had it for 20 bucks with nolid, so good on you, you got a great deal!

  3. oh wow - amazing find - and amazing price!

  4. Great find! And enjoy the peace corps! Two of my best friends left today for their service in Rwanda. Hopefully you can find another piece or two before you go! ;)

  5. That is such a pretty peice! Good find!!