Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Spotting O' the Green

Hi all, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

Well, pickings have been slim around here in the Pyrex Dept. It's been a couple weeks since I found anything worth writing about. But with Spring around the corner, people must be doing some spring cleaning, and I actually have something worth writing about today!

I am thrilled to have finally found my first piece of lime- a round cake pan. I know these aren't that uncommon, but I have never seen any! As a matter of fact, I haven't seen any solid color bakewear at all recently, and I would love to have a pie plate and square baker to go with it.

It's in absolutely mint condition- appears never to have been used. Quite a miracle, since Pyrex only made lime from 1952 to 1956. The best part was that for St. Patty's Day anything green in the store was 25% off, so I got this for $2.25!

I left behind a 402 Square Flowers bowl and a green 403 mixing bowl that I think this goes with the Square Flowers set, but it has no pattern. They weren't in the best of condition, and I'm trying to leave stuff like that for someone else! I also left two Homestead mixing bowls in mint condition, since I am not too fond of that pattern. That qualifies as the most Pyrex I have seen in one thrift store in a long time.

How has the Pyrex picking been in your neck of the woods?

Pop on over to my blog to hear about the green mug and the rest of my finds!


  1. Slim over here in NY I hope people start donating more Pyrex! I'm in another drought!!

  2. People seem to find these round pans, but I have yet to see one around here. Yours looks very nice - and a good price too!

  3. Lime green is just a cool color to collect; I hope you can pick up more soon. That one looks beautiful and the price was certainly right.

    Thrifting around here has been really discouraging, but JUST picked up a few days ago. One overpriced thrift had a half-price sale that I came across, and another that never has any Pyrex changed their merchandise from winter to spring this week and (strangely enough) put out a beautiful Christmas casserole that I was lucky enough to find. And a friend of mine who watches Craigslist picked me up a pretty piece. I'll try to get those posted today.

    Sometimes I think just when we're about to give up hope, the Pyrex starts showing up again!