Friday, March 15, 2013

My Fave thrift store had a 50% sale the other day. Everything in the store was 50%. They have two stores near me so I was psyched to get to both.
I haven't had much Pyrex luck there lately. Either there was no pyrex, or it was very faded, or it was priced too high. But that was not the case on this day.

Look what I found! It was a sea of blue and white Pyrex.  The three bowl set was $9 after the discount.

These were $8 for both after the discount

These were $5 after the discount.

These are the first garland pieces I have ever found. And to find them both in Cinderella and bowl format is great. The funny thing is the cinderellas were in one store and the bowls were in another.
I did leave other pyrex there. They had butterfly gold cinderellas and Homestead cinderellas. I couldn't believe how much pyrex there was AND on 50% off day. I wish I had the smallest bowl of the 4 bowl set. Maybe it will turn up someday.


  1. lovely finds! blue is my favorite and I'm especially partial to snowflake garland

  2. Pick me up off the floor now! What a great sale- lucky you!

  3. That's just so amazing. What a lucky day you had, beautiful stuff! And in such good condition!

  4. What a fantastic deal! I'm happy for you. This is one of my favorites

  5. You got them for good prices - score for you!
    My pick out of those would be the Horizons - that tone of blue looks so pretty.

  6. Great score! I've never seen more than one snowflake garland at a time and to find all that on one day- I'm jealous! :)