Saturday, March 16, 2013

Look what my friend found for me

In honour of St-Patrick’s Day tomorrow, here’s what I have that’s appropriate for this special day.

My yard sale buddy laughs a little bit (OK, sometimes a lot) about my Pyrexia, yet she spotted this little cutie for me recently.

I believe it to be the dip bowl of the chip and dip set called “Ivy promotional”, from 1964 – does this sound right to you guys?    I paid $1 for it at the Re-Store (store linked to Habitat for Humanity).  It is marked #441 and is really realllllly cute.

I love this size of bowl – they are so useful.
Now I'm on the lookout for the matching #444 and wire holder.

This is the only green I have so far in my collection.  What about you, how much green do you have in your Pyrex collection?



  1. I found this same bowl at the flea market a few weeks ago. It is the only green I have and I love it!


  2. I need the 441!
    But in reality, I don't know WTF happened to the my 444. It's lost in the hoard somewhere.

  3. I love that bowl. Great pattern!

  4. I brought mine out today for decoration too - thanks for the idea!

  5. Great find! I have it's mate the chip bowl for sale in my booth.

    1. I see it in your pictures - too bad you're so far away!

  6. So cute! I've never seen this pattern before. Good luck finding the chip bowl!

  7. How funny we both found the same bowl and posted about it at about the same time! PS - I have never visited Pyrex III until today. Thanks for mentioning. I've been away too long!