Sunday, March 24, 2013

Primary = Complete!

Finally completed my primary set!

The blue was one of my first ever Pyrex scores, which means it was probably under $2. (Back when I refused to pay $2 for any Pyrex find...imagine all the things I passed up! Silly me...)

Last summer, my parents found the yellow & green at a garage sale for $3 for both - they're lucky like this...and diligent garage-salers.

Last week I found the red for $1.99 at my local Red Racks. This brings my total to {around} $7. Yay!

Check out my blog for more finds! (and many cupcakes!)



  1. Reunited - good job! That's how I'm going about putting my primary set together, so it gives me hope that it can be done!

  2. 7.00 and a lot of patience!!! Good for you! I wish I had soemone to go to garage sales that knew what to look for...:)

  3. Why to go, Madee! I can't believe you got it all for that price. That makes it even a better feeling when completeing the set!