Thursday, March 7, 2013

I spotted Pyrex in my Inbox!

I had a nice suprise today - look what I saw in an email I received from Robin Hood.
Do you see it?  Isn't it pretty?
A beautiful Turquoise Butterprint Cinderella.

How about you - where have you spotted a Pyrex lately?



  1. The most recent copy of Oprah magazine has the NEW DOTS in it! I think the yellow and orange ones. I think it's in a baking photo shoot or something. It's so crazy how popular PYREX is becoming! It makes me glad that I got it all when I did!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Erica :)

  2. Rupuals Drag Race! Two queens were tossing a salad in it.

  3. I'm sure I saw a primary green bowl in a recent episode of 'Elementary' - if it wasn't Pyrex, it was a good copy!

  4. I saw it in that Elementary episode too! I was so excited!