Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day!

For all the nerds out there with me who celebrate Pi day, happy pi day. I made Pi in desert dawn. In a year I have not found a single pie pan in my thrifting. Hopefully that changes soon. 

I made Lemon Meringue Pie (and crust) from the Pyrex Prize Recipes book. 
It wasn't a good recipe. 
The crust was an okay crust though. 

 I got to use my pink desert dawn pie pan. 

I also used some of my flameware. 

If you want the crust recipe it is here at treasuresmyhh lemon-meringue-pi-in-pyrex

Happy Pi Day!


  1. You have inspired me to make lemon meringue pie! I don't have any Pyrex pie plates, so Fire King milk glass will have to do :D

  2. Mmm - lemon meringue pie! My favourite!

  3. Looks yummy to me! Happy Pie Day!!!

  4. Looks awesome. Too bad it wasn't a good pie! I was totally ready to make it. I have that same recipe book. I love how it tells you which dishes to use.

    Have a great weekend!