Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thrift Crawl 2013: Pyrex Edition

Hi PC3, SusieQT here!

Every year around my birthday (March 1) I take a whole day and do nothing but shop thrift stores. I try to go to ones I don't normally get to, so it's kind of an event. In general, I don't need any more "stuff"/gifts so all I ask for is a day "off" from being a mom and go out on the road for the whole day. I call it my annual Thrift Crawl, and try to get to as many stores in a day as I can.

My trip this year was 7 stores in 6 hours over 65 miles.

I was a bit disappointed in the Pyrex selection- collecting it must be getting really popular, because I hardly even saw any. Most of my haul came from a single store- apparently the others were picked over before I got there. I did see a fair amount of Fire King (even some Peach Lustre and Gay Fad, which were really tempting, but the condition wasn't perfect so I passed) and the ubiquitous Glasbake.

I didn't see any Pyrex (with the exception of a badly dishwashered red 501 fridgie) until my fourth stop. It took some digging, but I unearthed this Federal Eagle mug. The condition isn't perfect, but I love mugs and have never seen this one before, so it came home with me.

Finally at my 6th stop I found some good stuff. A Butterfly Gold butter dish for $2.50- mint condition. I initially thought I might sell or trade it, but now I'm thinking I might try to collect all the butter dishes. I knew that I would find a butter dish after I went out and bought one (Butterprint) on eBay a couple weeks ago! Well, I'm not complaining- only wishing I had bought the Old Towne butter dish I passed up a couple months ago.

I also found these cute red casseroles- they are so tiny- 10 oz! I posed them next to the butter dish, because they are almost the same size. They'll be perfect for individual servings of broiled seafood and the like, if I can bring myself to use them- except for a few scratches from storage they look like they've never been used.

Anyone know anything about them? 

These footed bowls are Fire King. I wouldn't have bought them individually, but as a group I really like the colors. For only 50 cents each, they are mine. I'm guessing there was at least one more, probably red or brown, at one time to make the set.

For the rest of the Thrift Crawl 2013 finds, visit my blog:


  1. Belated happy birthday to you!
    I think your little red dishes are Pyrex Pixie casseroles ( They look so cute - how fun to have found four together like that!

  2. Pyrex pixies! So cool you found 4 together! I only have 2 green guys - aren't they adorable!? Happy birthday :)

  3. I have two of the Fire King bowls - orange and brown, they're great for little dessserts!

  4. Yay! You found a set of red Pixies!! I have a set of four that are the same color blue as the blue primary. I love them and recently used them to make individual berry cobblers.

    Happy Belated Birthday!


  5. Great present to yourself! Happy Birthday, too. I love the mug pattern. I find it so bold, lol.

  6. Great office-type of mug... So presidential!

    Happy birthday! Mine is next week and you've inspired me to do a crawl too :) ill keep you posted

  7. I love the little red casseroles. Great finds!

    Happy Birthday :)

  8. I would love to know if you would ever sell one of your little red pixies? I have a few. I would love one in every color. I have a blue and green I can trade too if interested in trades. ;)