Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Savers Pyrex Haul

My local Savers always seems to have some Pyrex in stock... it's not always in the best shape or listed at the best price, but it's there.  I try to head over there at least once a week to see what's going on, but I found myself there a handful of times over the last two weeks and managed to pick up a few pieces.

I debated on the Zodiac casserole for a few days - the gold had some cracks, it was missing the lid - but decided to go for it in the end.  The Verde Square Flowers is my first piece in this pattern, and I'm pretty into it.  The Spring Blossom Butterfly butter dish is actually my first butter dish.

Spring Blossom Butter Dish, Verde Square Flowers Casserole, Zodiac Casserole 

I had never seen the Terra Cotta Rose casserole before, so I definitely had to pick that up.

Terra Cotta Rose Casserole 

Finally, I grabbed a 1.5 quart Butterfly Gold casserole with lid.  I rarely come across any Pyrex at thrift stores that have lids, let alone a patterned lid.

Butterfly Gold Casserole

I went back last weekend, but apparently my streak had to come to an end.  They still had the same pieces in stock that I saw the previous time I went and they either weren't in great shape or I just didn't feel the need to add them to my collection.  Though that was on Sunday, so it's probably time for another trip over there!

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  1. AWESOME finds! Love the Butterfly Gold casserole. I have that =)

  2. I recently passed on a Terra Cotta Rose, but now I'm wishing I hadn't. =( Maybe I'll go back and they will still have it! It was at an antique store, so I can hope!

    1. I almost passed on it too! I don't know that I absolutely love the pattern, but I also knew it was one that I probably wouldn't come across again at thrift store prices so I went for it!

  3. Great finds! I have never run into the Terra Cotta Rose pattern, what a great fall pattern!