Monday, November 12, 2012

finally got around to these...

I picked up all of these, well, probably a few months ago at this point. They've been sitting in my cabinet waiting for a little love, which I finally got around to this weekend. They were all in good shape, just needed a little cleaning.

I grabbed the Terra plate and bowls at Savers. I almost missed them since they weren't in the usual Pyrex area.

Pyrex Terra Plate Pyrex Terra Small Bowls

I'm not usually a fan of the speckled backgrounds, but I broke my rules to pick up this Forest Fancies #474 Casserole. What can I say? The mushrooms are pretty adorable.

Forest Fancies Casserole

Another Butterfly Gold for the collection. It's not really my favorite pattern, but I come across a lot of it in very good condition and can't seem to pass it up.

Butterfly Gold Casserole

And then there's my favorite find. An unmarked Eyes chip and dip set. In really good condition. The color is still really bright and there are only a few minor scratches in the pattern. I found this at a local antique store and was surprised the seller did not know it was Pyrex since they primarily sold glassware. I still ended up paying antique store prices, but it was still a fraction of what I would have paid on Ebay.

Unmarked Pyrex Eyes Chip and Dip Bowls

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  1. Fabulous! I paased on a set of forest fancies at the thrift, 3 for only $4.99! Not my fave so i left itand its already gone. Lovvveee the eyes :)

  2. Oooh, those Eyes are great! I'm still on the fence about the forest fancies, and I keep seeing them - maybe it's a sign that I should be picking them up?