Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My finds from my trip to PA

My husband and I went to Adamstown PA this past weekend for his birthday.
I was crossing my fingers to find certain finds, and what did I find?

Some AWESOME stuff!

Horray!!!! I got all the red holiday Pyrex!!!!! In one store!
I was praying that I would stumble across at least one but I have to thank my husband for this, he found them all for me!

This beautiful 4 Qt bowl is in MINT condition! The seller was working that day in the antique center and saw that I was really interested in this pattern, it was $30 and he gave it to me for $20!

This was from someone different and was priced at $18!
With the original lid.

The two of them together, aren't they awesome?

This is a beauty! ALL in excellent condition! No fading, nothing!
The seller gave it to me for $20!

All of my lovely holiday Pyrex!
They look so great together!

This is my first white on turquoise snowflake pattern!  
I only have the turquoise on white.

This is the 2 1/2 Qt casserole. 
Got it for $16.

I only paid these prices because in the thrifts I seem to never find these but all and all I thought they were pretty good prices for antique centers!

I love love love the charcoal snowflake! It seems to be hard to find....only this one antique center had these two and in Adamstown PA there are about 10 antique stores and this is all I could find!

It is the 2 1/2 Qt and the 1 1/2 Qt both were priced at $20 each and got them for $18 bucks each.

Both are in excellent condition, looks like they have never been used...

They also came with two original booklet's from Pyrex.
I forgot to take pictures of it but will post it as soon as I do.

I am ready for Christmas!

All I need is the "Christmas Holly" mixing bowl and I am set!

-Cristina @ Pyrex Junkie


  1. Beautiful! I can't wait to decorate with the Holiday stuff. Love it!

    1. Thank you! Me either! I am going to the thrift shops tomorrow and hopefully I can find some vintage christmas stuff!

  2. Your cabinet looks lovely! I love all your holiday stuff together like that!