Wednesday, November 7, 2012

few {new} pieces

i just can't find good deals on pyrex anymore and it's totally frustrating. thankfully, i'm making a road trip to the united states this weekend and i'm optimistic that i'll find some good deals!

below is the collection of pieces i picked up this past weekend at value village. the spring blossom pieces were $2.99 and the JAJ england piece was $3 but worth it because i absolutely love that pattern. the large 404 is my very first teal piece! it was $6 but i couldn't pass it up either! lol

then there are the pieces left behind. check out these insane prices at my local thrift store! $8 for a gravy boat and $6 for that tiny cinderella bowl? gah! even though i collect spring blossom, that was too rich for me. *sad :(

and there were these over-loved pieces that were selling for $2 each. sad for their rough condition but happy they lived a good life. :)

- lauren @ the twin oaks place


  1. love the teal bowl, awesome find! ps. can I have it ? :)

  2. Teal bowl is nice...too bad the other two had been dishwashed =( I HATE when people do that!

  3. Some great finds. I agree the ones you left behind were overpriced. Our local antique store carries tons of Pyrex and their prices are around the $6 and $8 range for those items. Thrift stores shouldn't be that high.

  4. I would love to find a turquoise/teal bowl! It's too bad those pieces were so damaged, but I have actually started picking some damaged pieces if they are really cheap because I want to try painting on them to make one of a kind pyrex sets! Right now I have one large and three small hostess bowls. Once I find a fourth I will decide what I want to do with them. I might paint them pink, or maybe try a design on them!

    1. what an awesome idea! i'll have to try that too!

  5. A turqouise 404 from a thrift shop? Lucky you! It's gorgeous. I have the entire set but you can bet I paid more than thrift shop prices for it:-)

    Thanks for sharing,


  6. Ruth, if teal wasn't my most favorite colour it would be yours. :)

  7. I came across that same little spring blossom at goodwill for $7.99! So sad, had to leave it behind.