Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My weekend pyrex finds

Hello everyone!
This past weekend surprised me with some Pyrex finds. My cousin was in town visiting and she wanted to hit up some thrift stores.
Pressed Flowers, 1957

 First up from the Goodwill was this beautiful Pressed Flowers promo casserole with no lid for $2.99. What a steal! There was a very very sad looking dishwasher damaged mixing bowl set next to it, which was damaged so badly I'm not even sure what the original pattern was--each bowl was priced at $5.99!!! I was so stunned I almost missed this gem. I just love the yellow and black patterns, they are so cheery and bright. This is an awesome piece to add to my collection.

Pyrex "the cracker barrel" 1961
This is a piece I didn't even know existed until I saw it on the shelf of the DAV and mistook it for "The Cookie Jar." I was surprised to see it said "The Cracker Barrel" I snatched it up for $1.99 and now it will house anything but crackers in my kitchen (currently full of fruit leather).

Turquoise Round Casserole with lid
This little darling was at a different Goodwill and was covered in grease and just plain gross. I kept going back to it and debating if I could clean it up or not. Well I am glad I ended up picking it up because it cleaned up rather nicely! Maybe another good scrub after more soaking and she'll look even better. I love these pastel pieces, so yummy!!

I use Pyrex daily. It is so fun to have a functional collection. This is just a pic of some random Pyrex usage from the past few days. Green tea in a spring blossom mug, a berry and pecan trifle in town and country, and a breakfast bake of eggs, sausage, kale, mushroom, and potato in a sage scroll.

Have a good week and happy Pyrexing!


  1. So great! Love the turquoise :) shocked about the pricing on dishwashered stuff- crazy!!

  2. You got such a good deal on your pressed flowers black and yellow piece! Great finds!

  3. Love the Pyrex in Action photo. You found some great items. I have the turquoise bowl and use it on almost a daily basis.


  4. Never have seen the pressed flowers before but sure love it! Great that you use your Pyrex. We use ours everyday too!

  5. Love the pressed flowers! It's one of my favorites too! I thought it only came in the 043, but then I found a 045. So, now I have both!

  6. I've never seen that Pressed Flower pattern either - it's very pretty. And I love the sage scroll, and the pastels, and I could go on and on ... lol