Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Trades & Wanted: My Christmas List

Love the snowflakes :) I never got around to posting a pic of a wonderful trade I made with fellow collective member, Brittany! Traded a dandelion promotional I had for the top snowflake spacesaver! I like to think they were reunited~ Thanks Brittany!

Okay, so yes, you are seeing this correctly. I have three butterprint refrigerator sets completed! They are all in great shape, too. Probably was unnecessary to have three... I'd consider a trade for something on my wanted list! I know it's all hard to part with :(  But just incase, I like anything turquoise, and some pink too! I live in Central New York-- FYI- not sure how shipping is farther away...

Dear Santa, my boyfriend, or other collective members:

Wanted 1: Starburst Spacesaver (aka Holy Grail)

 Wanted 2: Anything solid turquoise! I'd love some solid mixing bowls (no ears) and fridgies of any size. I would also like either of these things in the lighter pink :)

Hoping you all are enjoying the snow and holiday season!
Do you have Pyrex on your Christmas lists?
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  1. Christina, Yes I have a Pyrex Christmas list too!
    I want the first picture you posted also!!! (It is the holy grail!)
    I also want the pink gooseberry, the friendship, the turquoise dinnerware set and anything turquoise!
    I want flamingo pink and the baby pink, and the yellow daisy! I can go on and on!.....=)

    I do not have what you are asking, but I hope you get a trade or find it in the thrifts!

  2. Wow, so tempting. I have the starburst spacesaver and need a couple Butterprint fridgies... don't know if I could give up the starburst, though. :)

  3. Love Butterprint fridgies! One more 502 & I've completed my 4th set! (plush a few additional 501's...).

    Hope you get some of your Pyrex on your wish list!

    I already got some on mine! <3.

    A set of Pink Gooseberry, mint. 2 Black Snowflake space savers (one of each size), with lids, mint. & a Butterprint Bake Serve & Store.

    There's still so much more on my list!

  4. ooohhh those are all gorgeous. I have the very large blue and white bowl and to snowflake vegetable serving bowls with the glass lids and i love them will be using them at christmas this year. Hope you get whats on your wish list ;-) dee x

  5. My wish lish is very similar to yours! I received the "Holy Grail" Starburst for my birthday and believe me when I say it was worth the wait!! Hope Santa is good to you this year:-)

    Happy Holidays!


  6. I've heard about Pyrex,but not sure what it is,as I am no Martha

    I do own a lovely set of Winston Churchill dinner plates,cups,saucers,gravy boat,the whole 9 yards.

    Made in England,and so pretty and rare because instead of the traditional blue,I have the set in dusty rose.

    Hope you get what you want for Christmas.:)

  7. Funny, because for the 1st time this year, I did put Pyrex on my Christmas list.
    I have 1 complete set of Butterprint fridgies, so to have 3 is amazing. I also have some Butterprint Cinderellas and a Casserole.
    Still on the hunt for a snowflake spacesaver, but did find an oval casserole earlier this fall - it's so pretty, specially at this time of the year.
    Would love love (no, this is not a typo) the Starburst and anything in the pink or turquoise too. Oh, an anything with the scroll too. Or Friendship.
    Hope Santa or the Boyfriend or a Collective member comes through for you!

    1. You're right- scroll is a great pattern, looovvee it! Hope you get your wishlist too :)