Monday, November 12, 2012

Saturday's Estate sale finds

I finally went to an estate sale! My first time going!
It was awesome! I met some very nice people and saw a lot of interesting things.
I did manage to find some neat treasures too!

I bought these in an estate sale in CT.
Awesome ladies that were holding the estate sale I am assuming for the family.
I found these AWESOME Fire King "Lustre peach" soup bowls!
My mouth dropped when I saw them because I have been looking for these for some time now.
I do see them on eBay but they are really over priced.
I bought these 6 soup bowls for $10!

I bought these beautiful fruit canisters! A set of 3 for $8!
I love fruit decals on anything vintage so these caught my eye right away and they go lovely in my red and white kitchen!

Here they are on my bakers right in my kitchen!!

I found this butterscotch Bakelite cake cutter?
I was told by the owner it was a cheese cutter?
Does anyone know what this might be?

I bought it for $2.00

I bought this awesome hand painted strawberry book holder for $1.00!
I love it, the colors are vibrant and it looks great holding one of my vintage cookbooks!

I bought this Griswold Patty molds in it's original box for $1.00.
I have NEVER seen anything like this before and thought it was so unique!
Does anyone know how you use it???

I just love vintage cookbooks! I have a ton and I just love looking through them and cooking with them! They are so fun.
I bought this Pillsbury 1,000 recipe cookbook for $3.00
It is from 1959

I just love vintage contact paper! I need to do my top draws in my kitchen badly and saw this and would go perfect in my kitchen! It was only 0.25 cents!

I am LOVING vintage aprons right now! I have about 4 or 5 already and found this one on Saturday!
It was $5.00 and I love all the colors to it! 

I love old Christmas wrapping paper. It was complete and was only $1.00.

I got this at the last minute at a church tag sale! I asked them if they were selling it and the women said well not really, do you really like it? And I said yes I do! So she said would you pay $1.00? I said yes deff!

So I bought this Mele Pink Jewelry box for $1.00!

I got this beautiful vintage Christmas tablecloth at one of the ES.
It was only $2.00! and nothing is wrong with it!!!

I bought this chip and dip set for $4.00.
And yes it has fruit decals on it, isn't it cute??!!

I am wondering who makes this.

I bought this for my husband, I have never seen this before and it is very unique.
It is a auto whis kit. and seems like it is it for the car. It has a meter feeder to keep your coins or keys in, a scraper in the back for your windows and a brush for the car.
Got it for $1.00

I bought this beautiful coral dress for $5! I couldn't believe it was only $5!
Maybe I will wear this to the opera with my vintage stole! =)

I got this shirt for $1.00. It is super cute, seems to be from the 60's.

and this beautiful over coat with matching dress for $5!!!

I just love vintage clothing!

And you might be saying where is the Pyrex???!!!
Sadly I found none at the estate sales!!! I was looking and looking and all I saw was the clear Pyrex no colors! =(

Maybe this Saturday I will find some Pyrex!


  1. The bakelite handled cutter is an angel food cake cutter. I have one, and tried it on angel food cake, but it doesn't really work that well... :)

  2. Sweet finds! I especially love the canisters and Christmas wrapping paper! You did well my dear! :)

    1. Thank you =)
      I can't wait to go to the estate sales this weekend. Thrifting on Fridays and estate sales on Saturdays!

    2. I'm afraid estate sales are few and far between in my neck of the woods. Looks like it's Craigslist, thrift and antique stores for me, until yard sale season. :(

    3. Really? I have a lot of places to choose from NY, NJ, CT, Upstate NY.
      They are up to 1 hr away so nothing really close to me but I still love to go!
      I am actually going to PA this friday for the day. I am taking my husband there for his birthday!

  3. Nice finds and you had so much fun too!!!

  4. Wow what amazing finds and lots to. Love those tins there really sweet and that peach dress is a stunner. dee x

  5. The Griswold Patty molds are so much fun! I have a vintage Nordica set. They are used to make what my granny always called "rosettes". You put the mold on the handle, and dip just the bottom and sides of the mold into a batter. You don't want to go over the top of the mold. Hold the mold in hot oil as the batter fries, and when it is done it will slip off and you fish it out, all brown and crackling and sprinkle it with just the tiniest bit of powdered sugar. Heavenly! To this day my mom still makes them every Christmas.

    The trick is to not get the batter on top or they won't want to come off!

    1. Thank you so much for the info!
      I will check out the link, the griswold molds looked so interesting, I will be using them for the holidays!

  6. I love those cookbooks! The Hostess one is always sitting in Betty Draper's kitchen on Mad Men.

  7. I love those cookbooks! The Hostess one is always sitting in Betty Draper's kitchen on Mad Men.

    1. Thank you =) I have an obsession for vintage cookbooks!

      I am surprised I have never seen that on Mad Men!

      I will be on the look out!