Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Birthday Pyrex, gifts and finds.

I've been a giant procrastinator. My birthday is in mid August and I still haven't posted all of the lovely things that I got myself/received.

I got this from my Mom.

I already had the smaller bowl, the woman I was buying the set from dropped and smashed the bigger bowl. I've never gotten over it so my sweet Mom bought me the bigger bowl for my birthday. :D  I plan on ordering a chip and dip bracket from etsy.

My Mom and I went antique-ing and ate at this really lovely wine cafe for my birthday outing. These are some of the things I got that day from different antique stores.

                             An embroidery space saver. I wasn't even sure about the pattern when I got it lol
                                I thought it was pressed flowers! After a few months I've decided that I just like it I don't love it so I think I'm going to sell it. I met this wonderful seller named Vicki from Goat Feathers. If you're ever passing through Boulder City, NV I suggest you go there. Lots of goodies at decent prices.
I completed my Primary fridgie set! I got a 501 and the 503 that day. I pretty much had compete in Mortal Combat for the 501, I had to deal with the most unpleasant seller ever. I brought it to her and asked how much it was because it didn't have a sticker and she all but accused me of taking it off. She then acted offended when I asked if she could take the tape off the lid so I could see it in the light to see if it had any damage. She was completely offended and said it was in perfect condition, it wasn't.

I've been wanting the Autumn Harvest set since I started collecting. It's one of my favorites I've only ever found one beat up piece. I decided that I was just going to bite the bullet and buy some off ebay.

I'm glad I did, I love them! I got them at a really great price, $14. Now I'm on the hunt for the 404.

Another set that I've been wanting is the Butterprint mixing bowl set. I've come across two bowls in person and they were DWD. I looked around on ebay for a couple months and was going to give up because they were just way out of my price range when I came across a listing for "Butterpring bowls" Oh yes, hello lovely typo! 

 I snagged them for $40! They arrived in a terrifyingly small box but they were fine. I use them and love them very, very much. 

Here are some gifts I've received in the last few months from my patron saint of Pyrex, Shelia.
 My first and only Sandalwood to date!

I actually found the smallest brown bowl shortly after she got me these. Town and Country is the set I grew up with so these are really special to me.

This woman is so generous, this isn't even half the stuff she's gotten me in the last 6 months, I just haven't taken pictures of all of it. lol She really loves thrifting but says she doesn't have any space in her house for stuff.

Some of my own finds

I stumbled upon a complete set of TM Primary bowls at Good Will of all places and nearly wet myself. They weren't even where they normally keep the pyrex. I got them for $9! 

An updated picture of my Hutch

 That's it for now. As always, happy hunting. :D


  1. No doubt about it you are the Pyrex queen. You truly have some great treasures.

    1. There are some lovely ladies ( and gents ) who put me to shame on Flickr in that respect but thank you very much! :D

  2. I love that embroidery SS!! I have the 043 and 045 pressed flowers dishes and it reminds me so much of those. Also, that is an awesome price on the primary set! I have the unnumbered set as well, but I paid quite a bit more!

    1. I like it too but like I said I think I'm going to sell it buy something I /love/ with the money. I paid $30 for a numbered set earlier this year.

    2. Anything you are looking for? I'd love to trade if I have something you want!

  3. $9 for a beautiful set of the primary colors?? I think I might faint...

    I LONG for a set of primary, but have never seen them in the wild, and ebay prices are beyond what I want to pay.

    Congrats on your wonderful gifts, and great finds. You have a wonderful collection.

    1. I've noticed that lately they're going for much cheaper on ebay than they have in the past. Around $45, before they were going for like $70-90. There also seems to be a ton of them on there.

      Thank you very much!

  4. Autumn Harvest is one of my absolute favorites, too! :) :)

    1. It is lovely, now I just need to track down a 404 which I feel a little hopeless about.