Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{finds} and left-behinds

well, lately the prices at my local thrift store have been absolutely astronomically high. there's no other way to put it. i can't possibly be expected to pay $8 for a gravy boat or $20 for a 404, can i? well, of course, if we're all honest, we've probably been willing to pay that on occasion for that much-needed much-desired piece to add to our collections! i'm guilty too. :)

before i share the over-priced left-behinds, i'm excited to say that i found a fantastic deal today! for $9 i picked up this set of 3 verde casseroles that are all in fantastic condition. needless to say, as soon as i saw them and their price, i ran to the cash register.

i picked up this yellow over-loved cinderella bowl for $3. i could see there was still some original sheen underneath all those scuff marks so i believed i could still salvage it! and, it worked!! love it.
below, the shenandoah bowls were priced at $20 and $11. no, thanks. the medallion piece was priced at $10. not too bad for a unique piece like that but it isn't something that i wanted to collect so i passed that one up in hopes of finding something better.
and, here we have a few more pieces left for another lucky pyrex collector. the large woodland and old orchard were $9 (both were scratched up). the butterfly gold pieces together were $40! um, no. and the small woodland and yellow bowl were each $3. again, not so bad but the yellow bowl had lost all of its sheen and was completely unsalvagable. oh, well! they weren't there when i went back today so someone must've been happy! :)
happy thrifting! hope everyone finds some amazing deals this week!


  1. The verde set was a good buy! Good job!
    The other prices were outrageous for a thrift!
    What is up with that???
    The yellow bowl you did a great job on! I myself find bowls like that and I just add some magic marker and some bar keepers friend and its like brand new!

  2. Wow, crazzzyy prices! They are on to us...

  3. Wow, great buy on the Verde set! I hate that they know what we are up to now...

  4. Good deal on the Verde. I'm with you for the other stuff - I would've left them behind too, though I probably would've been very tempted by the Sage Scroll (with lid) depending on its condition - I'm pretty partial to scroll and have yet to see this one.

  5. Left behind or not, I am so jealous of all the Pyrex that you have at your thrifts! But the prices? No thank you. I would not have been able to leave the sage Scroll casserole behind though. Good for you for your restraint:-)

    Happy Holidays!


  6. totally over priced for the shenandoah especially! what are they thinking?? they just see pyrex and think it's valuable...