Monday, November 5, 2012

Persistence Pays Off

So, this weekend there were several estate sales in my area. In the pics posted online I saw Pyrex at a few of them, so I was stoked! I got up at 8 on Saturday morning (which is super early for me since I work the late shift during the week) and headed out! At the first one I found a set of Butterfly Gold (401-403) in great shape. But they were asking $20 and it's not my favorite pattern, so I passed. At the next one, they had lots of other cools stuff, but  still no Pyrex. =(

At the last sale, there were several 024 dishes (red solid, flamingo, lime) but all were dishwasher damaged, so, I left them all behind. I did find a really awesome navy hat and necklace, but, alas, I still left with NO PYREX!!

On my way home, I stopped at a yard sale and found a pink milk glass dish (I have wanted pink milk glass FOREVER!!) and two really cute, fire king, violet mugs, but, again, no Pyrex.

So I decided this was just not weekend. But little did I know, it wasn't over yet!!

On Sunday my aunt sent me an email about another estate sale, so I decided to go after church. I got there right before closing, and in addition to the normal 1/2 off they usually do on Sundays, they were taking an additional half off of that. Sweet!! I went to the kitchen and at first scan, no Pyrex. Before I could make a closer inspection I was distracted by a beautiful orange and red enameled stock pot.

I was elated because it was $2.50 after the mark down and i LOVED it!! As the lady was writing up my ticket, I glanced over at the opposite side of the kitchen and something red behind several baking dishes caught my eye. That looks like the red of the Celtic dish, I thought. But no, I reasoned, it can't be, or it wouldn't still be here. Yet, as I approached it, I saw that, lo and behold, it was the Celtic dish!!! And it was marked $4 (Which I would have gladly paid). But, with the 75% off, I got it for $1!!!!!!!!

I could not believe it!!!!! I have wanted this dish for so long! And I finally found it for $1!!!! I actually almost just bought it on eBay for $15, but I missed the end of the bid. I guess I was meant to miss it!! I also found the daisy/sunflower casserole and it was also $1! Aaaa!!! I think this is my best find EVER!!!


  1. I guess it really was meant to be! Great price and it looks in perfect shape!

    1. Yes, it is in great shape. Just a few small scratches that are barely noticeable!

  2. Don't you love it when that happens? Your patience definitely paid off.



  3. Nice finds! and love the casserole dishes! For $2 for both that is AWESOME!

  4. They are so cute - and at incredible prices ! Isn't it funny that our eyes just "happen" to catch a glimpse. Was meant to be.

  5. I love the red Celtic and I'm a fan of Daisy. That is so cool! I love getting stuff you really want for so cheap!

  6. Oh wow, "happen" to glance at them! How meant to be is that? Good for you!

  7. I'm so glad that there are other people who share that elation of finding a pyrex you love and have wanted for a great price! Congrats on your wonderful find!

  8. Wow, love those last two! What a find. Darn, I got an e-mail about an estate sale that srarted on Fri. We were just getting home from Hawaii that morning so I knew i wouldn't make it. Thought about going on Saturday but figured everything good would be gone. Seeing what you found on Sunday proves me wrong. Wished I'd gone! I'll know better next time.

  9. Luuuuucccccky!

    I'd spend a buck on that!

  10. Good eyes! What great condition the casseroles are in!