Monday, November 5, 2012

Floating on Air

 My father is a better pyrexer than I am...

I have been thinking about chip and dip sets. I don't have any (Well, I do have the turquoise square chip bowl), and since turquoise is my favorite color to collect- I thought, wouldn't it be great to find the hot air balloon promotional?! I saw it for $90 on etsy. Too steep.

Well, my father made a pit stop to a local flea, and voila! Chip and dip set (no hanger though)! Thrilled :) and it is in near mint condition. I'm surprised at how big the dip bowl seems~ but that's a good thing, and it's fabulous! The gentleman selling it said $45 firm, but my father "the picker" did $50 for this set, and two other pieces. Woo hoo! The man also said, "if your daughter doesn't like it, bring it next week and I'll buy it back." WOW! Nice guy, but I LOVE IT! Now, I just need to find a hanger...

Happy Pyrexing!
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  1. that is awesome! now i'm hungry for some chips and dip. ;)

  2. Wow - they look in great condition! What a find!

  3. Wonderful find!!! I have been looking for that myself, I haven't seen it in the thrifts at all but I might splurge and buy it online! Your dad found a wonderful find!

  4. That is such great find! I watched one sell on ebay for $120! The hangers aren't to hard to come by, just watch your local thirfts!

  5. You can always buy a brand new hangar here: