Thursday, September 5, 2013

Antiques in Michigan

It happened to me again!  

Someone refused to sell me some vintage Pyrex in a store.  About a year ago our local thrift shop wouldn't sell me some Pyrex and other goodie they had out because they were waiting for a certain date. Why put it out if you won't sell it? Needless to say I got there on that date first thing and grabbed up my pretties. 

Not how it happened again. I went to this little hardware store in Detroit, Michigan while on vacation. We (my cousin and I) wanted to purchase a butterprint 501 with lid she had.  It was not marked with a price so we asked.  The lady said it wasn't for sale. Um....... huh? She told us she only sold them as sets and so if it wasn't with a set she wouldn't sell it. Well she had a set of them but this was just another random 501 she had. So we put it back. Then she must have thought, "oh I'll throw out a price and they will for sure buy it since it will look like I'm doing them a favor." $6, no lid. 

Needless to say we bought very little, nothing that wasn't priced. And got out of there. 

This is all I got. 

Thankfully the antique store we went to was much better and everything was priced and priced fabulous!

I managed to finish my Bake, Serve & Store set of Spring Blossom and my Primary set. 

And no one refused to sell them to me. 

See the completed sets over at

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  1. Hard to believe someone would refuse to sell when that is their business. What you got is nice tho.

  2. So stupid when that happens, but I guess she makes more on sets (but why display it then?).

    Was it The Refreshments who sang, "the world is full of stupid people..."

  3. Wait out a set? That makes no sense. Especially when you have customers wanting to complete sets and looking to spend their money.

    There was a shop here in Toledo that wouldn't sell anything. I honestly think the guy was just a hoarder in denial. Needless to say he's out of business.