Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sqaure Flowers!

I want to know if I am the only one here who does this.  Then I go to post on my personal blog I always come here to show you all. But I won't post if someone had posted say an hour or two before me. So I wait a day. Giving the Pyrex Community time to really read and look at all the pretty stuff. Am I weird? Like I don't want t take the spotlight way from the last person that posted only a few hours before I wanted to. 

So in case any of you didn't see my personal blog post over at treasuresmyhh.blogspot.com yesterday, My month long drought has been broken.  We all know the feeling of joy when that happens. 

This 503 Square flowers is what broke it. And it was priced just right.  Yeah no lid, but at this point I was happy to find anything I needed/wanted.  I was so happy, it even got a "in the car" picture.

Any of you having a drought I hope it lifts soon.

Happy Hunting


  1. Hi Katie, I accidentally posted yesterday after Evie posted and I felt so bad. I actually meant to do my post that was published yesterday for today. I thought I had scheduled it for Tuesday but didn't, so when I hit "publish" it was too late. Sorry if I stepped on anyone'e toes by accidentally publishing on the same day as someone else. I do think it's wise to only have one post per day.

  2. Oh gosh! There can never be too many Pyrex posts in one day--can there? I guess I'm just a nut because I like to read the posts 2 or 3 times! I'm thrilled to hear that someone found something!

    Great score on the Squares refrigerator dish! I've never seen one outside of an advertisements. I love finding fridge dishes!

  3. Thanks all. Sometimes I see so many in my blogger feed and I just don't have time so I try to give posts some space. Lol plus sometimes we see nothing for days. I was just wondering if I was the only one who did this.

  4. Sometimes I've also waited to post an entry, only to then add mine a little later and have another person post an hour after me ;) It totally doesn't matter though to me -- there last 7 posts are all on the front page of the blog, so all a visitor has to do is scroll. I say bring on the Pyrex posts! I think it's funny when we all post at once... I like to imagine everyone is out at the same time hunting for their treasures.

    1. * THE last 7 posts, not there. Good grief.