Sunday, October 27, 2013

The best $12 I've spent in a long time!

My end of the summer/early fall Pyrex finds...

Local thrift score of the green - blue utility piece with handles.  Love this color, it's more beautiful in person!  I've never seen one before and looks like it was never used!  It was .50 cents.  Does anyone know if these did come with a lid or not?

On the same day in our local thrift store...Pink scroll with lid and carrier cost me one whole dollar!!!  I swear the thing was maybe used once.  It is so shiny and sparkly.

My great Aunt Donna handed this beauty down to me and I love it! 1959 Promo Dandelion Duet.  The metallic dandelions are really fun. 

An estate last weekend brought me the 1962 holiday promo Frosted Garland casserole for $1.  I love anything snowflake related from Pyrex and I had never seen a casserole like this one before.  I've heard it came with a lid and carrier.  Anyone know exactly which carrier it came with?

A fun Goodwill find this late summer brought me the Desert Dawn 232 utility pan (also known as a lasagna pan?) for $7.99.  That is expensive to me for Pyrex but it is pink, a big pan and I use all my Pyrex daily so it was worth it to me. 

Last but not least, a couple of Forest Fancies Cinderella mixing bowls (443 & 442) for .50 cents a piece.  My sister loves mushrooms so they might go to her. Such handy bowls to have in the kitchen though. 

Seriously the best $12 I've spent on Pyrex in a long time...especially since my husband and I actually use my Pyrex daily. I live in a very rural place so we only have one thrift store open 3 days per week.  I am happy for any Pyrex find at that place! I also picked up a few metal carriers to.  Now just to figure out what pieces they go to. 


  1. You did good. I really like the Desert Dawn Pyrex. I have one like yours and use it quite a bit.

  2. Pink Scroll for a dollar?! That is the best deal that I have ever seen!

    That blue/green dish is actually the Heinz Promotional. It did come with a clear lid with a design on it but those are pretty hard to find.

    Great finds!


  3. I saw the Heinz promotional you got with a lid on it this past weekend at an antique mall, I think the seller wanted $10 or more.

    You got some great scores!

    1. $10ish? It would have came home Good buy.

    2. $10 with the lid? Go back and get it now! Those lids are worth a fortune. The lid has a diamond-like pattern.

  4. Wow! Fantastic! You got some great stuff for outstanding prices!

  5. I love the Heinz dish and great score on the pink scroll!

  6. Amazing Pink.Scroll find!

    totally jealous.

  7. Lovely! Great score on the pink scroll. WOW.