Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First Thrift Store Find!

Well, after a months of trying to find a piece of Pyrex at any thrift store in the Old Pueblo my drought was broken. Hallelujah!

This afternoon my daughter missed her bus stop as she was too busy reading (a good habit!) to be bothered to keep track of when she needed to get off the bus. I wasn't able to stop the bus in time to see if she was on it so I ended up following it back up to the school while on the phone with the front office, who confirmed she was on the bus, she just missed getting off. Whew! I picked her up at school and to calm my nerves decided to stop at a thrift store right down the street from my neighborhood. I'm glad I did.

I found the Butterfly Gold 403; it has some minor scratches and fading at the top but otherwise no other flaws. I also found a Golden Honeysuckle casserole but it was in very sad shape, some DWD, but a lot of black marks, scratches, and discoloration. It was marked $2.50 but I just didn't want to bother as I was not drawn to the pattern enough to want to clean it up. Anyway, the 403 you see above did not have a price, so little miss and I took it up to the counter where they sold it to me for $2. I was relieved I had decided to not get the casserole because no doubt they would have charged me more for the 403 when the kind ladies up at the register saw the price and condition of the other item. I escaped without even having to pay our insane sales tax, as the store supports a local non-profit. 

Perhaps this is a sign of good things to come? We do plan to hit yard and estate sales Saturday, and I may do some independent searching at the Friday pre-sales. Reading everyone else's blogs about their various Pyrex and other cool vintage finds has really inspired me!



  1. What relief to know your daughter was safe and what a great find!,

  2. Mom's have to keep an eye on everything every minute don't they?!!! Sorry you had a tense moment there but happy to hear you were rewarded with a nice Pyrex find!