Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday Scores {Including a NIB!}

We hit the yard and estate sales bright and early today. It was a mixed bag of highs and lows. I'll do the highs below. The lows, well, can you say $10 for a Town & Country casserole? How about $6 for a red mixing bowl (I think it was a 404) that had seen better days? Or, $36 (yes, you read that right) for a Woodland set of 401-403! Yowza!

Now, on to the highs. I will save the best for last.

Though not all Pyrex I couldn't help but share the above, especially as they were all part of a bundle. The top is pink Fiestaware: a sugar bowl, gravy boat, and creamer. It's not really my thing but I know people like it so I will be selling this. The bottom is a Fire King Tulip pepper shaker, it's too bad the salt was not available but someday my prince will come; I'm keeping this for myself as I love the print. Next to it are some Pyrex spice canisters which I will also sell. I got the above and some other random craft stuff for my daughter for $15.

Butterprint 403 in perfect condition for $2. I spotted this from across the yard and I started to walk fast. I grabbed it right on up. I wasn't sure if I had it as I had picked up some Butterprint a couple weeks ago so I whipped out my phone and found this blog and what I had posted from my last Butterprint find. Turns out I didn't have this; I had the 401 and 402. One more piece to go and I will have a complete set!

And now for the best deal I think I will ever find. Maybe. I hate to say "ever" as there is always the possibility of something better and I like to think of myself as an optimist.

I searched Craigslist Friday night for Pyrex and came across a yard sale listing that had this pictured. This is new, in box, never been opened. When I saw the posting and the price this was marked at I knew I would have to be there right as it opened. The house was behind a gate at the end of a long drive. We rolled up ten minutes early and were the first ones in when the owner opened the gate. I came away with it giggling like a schoolgirl.


I want to open this so badly and see how it is packaged, what the usage book (owner's manual) looks like, and just look at brand new "old" Pyrex, but I am controlling myself. I'm not sure how to proceed with this!


  1. 'K, I was just getting ready to prep some broccoli but I just have to comment--the broccoli can wait! Talk about a score! I don't have any Fire King tulip stuff, but I would snap up a shaker in a minute! And I know what you mean "giggling like a schoolgirl", sometimes it can be hard to control! It happened to me today too--I'll post on Monday.

    I take it you aren't sure if you want to sell the unopened box? I have the two larger casseroles for the pattern, the color of the newer pattern is so rich! As much as I don't want to find anymore BG, I know I won't pass up the new pattern if I run into it!

    So happy for you!

    1. Hi Evie, I'm not sure what to do with the unopened box. I fear if I open it I lose any value it might have, but then again, I like to display Pyrex. Decisions, decisions!

  2. do you know what pattern the spice canisters are? i'm not a collector but I read your other blog and I was curious to see what you had found! my grandmother had this pattern, I had no idea it was pyrex, but I might have to have some now just to bring back some memories :)

    1. Hi Stephanie. thanks for clicking over! The canisters are the Pyrex Spice of Life. They are glass with a plastic lid. They are readily available on ebay at various price levels. I'd be happy to sell you mine at a very reasonable price offline of ebay.

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  4. I remember my first NIB (I have 3 now). It was a Kijiji posting, $15 for a set of Spring Blossom Green mixing bowls. We drove an hour & 45 minutes there & back to get them, LOL.

    Good finds! Hope you come across the other shaker.

  5. I think I'd buy anything NIB for $5, even Early American. ;) Great finds!