Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thrifty Finds

My Pyrex collection just keeps growing. There's a thrift store just minutes from our church. Last Wednesday evening I decided to stop in before church. I saw these pieces, but talked myself out of purchasing them because I thought they were too expensive, but I loved the design and the color so much that I couldn't stop thinking about them. I took a picture of the bowls and left the store. I guess my children liked them too because they told me I should go back and get them. The next day we decided to do just that. Come to find out there was another price sticker underneath the sticker that I had seen and the big bowl ended up being cheaper than I originally thought. Score!
The fun didn't stop there because my children wanted to go to another thrift store and then another. We ended up stopping at 4 thrift stores before we made it home. My children are becoming quite the thrifters. They usually spot Pyrex pieces before I do. They love going to the thrift store. Some children ask to go to the park or the toy store, but mine ask to go to the thrift store. Yikes! What have I done?
~Jan~ just*imagine*heaven


  1. I feel that way about my boyfriend when he asks me, "So can we go thrifting today?" I just think to myself (and sometimes aloud), 'Really???? You want to go with me? Don't you want to do something more fun to you?' But it is kinda sweet when that your kids are starting to get the bug! You are setting them up to be professional thrifters who buy all their designer duds at the thrift!

  2. Super finds! It's great that your kids love thrifting! My granddaughter likes going with me and helps me spot Pyrex, lol!

  3. Great finds! I hope when I have children they want to go thrifting with me! Although while at goodwill the other day I did see a boy about 4 telling his mom she couldn't spend to much money :) The only thing I thought at that moment was I need girls :)

    **Pyrex Mystery** I found (but didn't buy so I hope I don't regret it) what appears to be a divided dish but its not divided.....its a sea blue color no lid (that why I didn't purchase) Its a 1 1/2 quart but its not deep like most casserole dishes its short just like a divided dish....if anyone knows what it maybe please let me know I may still have time to get it :)

  4. @Unknown, sounds like it might be from the Blue Horizon pattern. When you say sea blue color, that's what I think of first. If it is, it would have originally come with a white lid with the Blue Horizon pattern on top.

  5. @Unknown, Blue Horizon or Snowflake Blue are the first two that come to mind. Good luck!

  6. Jan, You have your kids trained well! =) My siblings race me to find Pyrex and even my 5 year old brother gets excited and points it out. By the way, your pictures are beautiful! -Ashton