Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pyrex Potluck

Last night was potluck dinner at a friend's house (we are the Pyrex Posse!).  She's got lots of Pyrex, and I wanted to share some of her collection with PCIII.

The small bowl in the front has no markings on the bottom, but's cute anyway and has Pyrex friends around it for support.

Some of my friend's collection in her kitchen cabinets.  She's got a great stash!!

The dinner table.

And last but not least, my friend's dog, Petey, has a Pyrex water bowl!! 


  1. Oh, that's great, a Pyrex dinner! Nice collection. I've used a Pyrex bowl as a dog water bowl in a pinch, but that lucky dog has his own, cute!

  2. Nice collection. And yes, lucky dog. My Blossom's water bowl is Corningware Country Festival. Makes her feel special :)

  3. That small bowl upfront is the pattern "eyes" And it is unmarked Pyrex. It is the small bowl from the chip and dip set. Very awesome!