Saturday, February 25, 2012

happiness is stacks of pyrex


Please meet my Pyrex finds for the past few weeks.

 The middle three (friendship, gooseberry and woodland brown) were found on eBay from a local seller. I was psyched to pay $6.50 for all, plus free delivery!

 I couldn't resist taking a photo of my view of the shelves.

I've had my eye on the Ivy Chip and Dip (sans holder) at an antique mall, but unfortunately they were waaaay overpriced. That is, until last week when I found them on the clearance table. Oh yeah, patience pays off.

I don't have a complete Friendship set or a complete turquoise set, so the two decided to combine into a new power set.

Please wander over to my blog, froog and doog, to see what other vintage finds I landed.

Happy Hunting!


  1. Holy guacamole! $6.50 for those three gorgeous bowls?! That is amazing!

  2. I love all these pictures - they really make that pyrex look OH so pretty! I think the turquoise/friendship stack looks pretty darn good together!

  3. i totally repinned your pics! LOVE the color combo on the blue and red stack <3

    do you know the name of the pattern of the lower right casserole in the first photo? thanks!

    1. I've seen it listed as Golden Garland and Golden Rose, but mostly as Golden Garland. I don't know a lot of info about it, but I'm pretty sure it's a promotional piece from the mid-to-late 60s, I'm guessing.

  4. Love that first picture.....I'm so jealous!!

  5. Thanks everyone! These colors make me happy :)

  6. Can you ever have too much pyrex?

    (the answer is NO btw!)