Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pyrex 911

A friend was given a lovely large Homestead Cinderella bowl. She gasped in horror when she saw this!

What you are witnessing here are someone's initials written on the handle of this beautiful bowl in...

wait for it...

nail polish!

This is a definite case of Pyrex abuse! Shame on them!

She texted me while I was out last evening asking how on earth to remove this without damaging the Pyrex? I had no idea what to tell her. She messaged back a short time later and said that acetone had done the trick. I can't guarantee acetone will work in every circumstance, but as a last ditch effort, it worked for her and the Pyrex is still nice and shiny!

What Pyrex abuse have you come across and somehow salvaged?


  1. Oh no! That is terrible. At least she was able to get it off! -Ashton

  2. I found a yellow 503 at a thrift store with "$1.99" written in Magic Marker, hugely I might add, across the inside bottom. I told that cashier that it was ruined and asked for a discount. Ended up getting it for 25¢ and a Magic Eraser and a some Corning Cleaner took it off after about 30 mins of hard scrubbing. It is now used more than any other piece of Pyrex that I own.

  3. @PO, i have seen this price writing tragedy before on Pyrex. now i know how i can salvage them. thx for the helpful comment :)

  4. Acetone would definitely work, glad she got it nice and clean again!

    I've only seen Sharpie used on Pyrex (so far) and it's always come off very easily with a light scrubbing from the scrubby side of the sponge.

    Nail polish... what a strange thing to mark it with...?

  5. I see sharpie writing on pyrex (and other glass bakeware) all the time. I don't know why that's what the local thrift stores use. I have always used my magic eraser. If that doesn't work, I've found acetone works too.

  6. I just purchased a beautiful set of Spring Blossom mixing bowls...but when I found them they were wrapped in about 10 layers of packaging tape. I was sooo scared that removing the tape would peal the design right off. The owner of the shop {it was sold on consignment} carefully unwrapped it while we all waited anxiously. It turned out just fine, and I walked away with four like-new cinderella bowls for $25!

    1. what a great find. i am always nervous too when i see pyrex at the thrifts that has been wrapped in packing tape. i might just take my chances next time and hope it turns out as good as yours!