Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Arrivals To The 'Rex Family

An update on the red Pyrex casserole I posted about a few weeks ago. The pattern is called Golden Poinsettia. My friend and fellow vintage lover, Becky, wants this Pyrex to find a new home. Her adorable little ones are very rambunctious and she is worried it may get broken. She is also getting ready to move. Becky understands my love for Pyrex and wants it to go to someone who will really appreciate it...and that is ME!

Here's a pic of the 'Rex's new home in my kitchen cabinet. My personal collection is growing!

You will see a few different pieces here including my estate acquired Pyrex Sage Scroll casserole, the gigantic Golden Poinsettia Pyrex casserole, Royal China Blue Heaven saucers that my Granny gave me along with a yard sale found matching Fire King Blue Heaven oven dish, and finally the Pyrex Spring Blossom oven dish that my mother gave me.

Not pictured are my primary red Pyrex fridgie and small yellow Pyrex mixing bowl.

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What is your favorite Pyrex pattern or dish that you have acquired from friends or family?

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  1. You have a nice collection. I have the "pink scroll" casserole dish and hopefully one day I will come across the sage scroll dish. Such a pretty shade of green!