Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Refrigerator Dish

Hi, I'm Pam and posted for the first time last week (Double Tough). 
Sorry I forgot to introduce myself.  I'm thrilled to be included in the
Pyrex Collective III!

 I've been a Pyrex lover and user for years.  I  use all my pieces regularly,
 and my favorites are the refrigerator dishes.   Yesterday I found this
refrigerator dish at a local thrift store.

Unfortunately there was no lid, but I still thought it was a bargain for $2. 
It's rare for me to ever even find a refrigerator dish anymore. 
 Guess their  wonderful uses have been discovered. 

My fav use is for a one dish meal.  Bury the dish in the freezer,  knowing when you 
 need a dinner all I have to do is take it out, defrost some (or not) and bake. 
They are the perfect size for a couple leftover turkey dinners with all the trimmings!

What's your favorite use for them?  Would love to know.
Here's a photo of my other refrigerator dishes.

Besides Pyrex, I love and all things vintage, especially vintage tablecloths.
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  1. I've never used these straight from freezer to oven. You've never had a problem with them exploding? Gorgeous colors, by the way :)

  2. No problem. My hubby has done it a few times. I usually semi-defrost first. Maybe we got lucky with the totally frozen, so think I'll ask him not to do that in the future to be safe. For sure don't want to explode my precious Pyrex! :-)

  3. Lesley, He just told me he starts it in a cold oven, no preheating first, so it starts to warm up with the oven set at 350. Hope this helps.