Sunday, February 5, 2012

behold the saxony

I was so excited to have found two things on my vintage wishlist on Friday: Cathrineholm and Saxony!

I discovered the Saxony at an antique mall.

And I rescued the Catherineholm from a consignment shop.

 I also discovered the Gold Acorn Cinderella Oval Open Baker, vintage linens, vintage owls and the vintage grandpa sweater worn by my lovely model below.

Follow Blossom to froog and doog to see all of my finds, as I know she wants you to follow her. She likes attention.


  1. Love the Saxony but the Catherineholm! I am dying for some of that. Everything you got is great :)

  2. I have never heard of the Saxony pattern, oh lord, it is gorgeous. And the Cathrineholm, I have been desiring one of those for quite awhile. Hopefully I will score one soon. I would like to find a yellow or red bowl.

  3. Love the Saxony! What a find! Although the model in the matching grandpa cardigan is a close second ;)