Sunday, February 12, 2012

Doublemint Twins

Hello Pyrexians! Did you ask for Pyrex for Valentines day? I did. I asked my hubby for the large Sage Scroll/Green Scroll casserole. I had it picked out on Etsy. But, he told me that Pyrex wasn't a romantic enough gift and that he was buying me something else. A few days later and nice, big, flat screen monitor arrived via Fed Ex. I just love it! It is a big upgrade from what I was using and really helps out when I am in front of the screen for hours on end listing for the store and blogging. I heart it!

I was still thinking about that darn mint green Pyrex though. While at my first estate sale of the year, this is what I found:

Good things come to those who wait, right?! I think I am going to keep the small casserole and the large one will soon be up in my ebay store. Check out my other finds from the same estate sale over at my blog, The Thrifty Picker.

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  1. Those are so pretty!! I don't have any Pyrex in this shade of green! Must find some soon, lol!