Monday, February 3, 2014

Saying Goodbye and Hello

I haven't been hitting the thrifts, estate and yard sales, and other Pyrex sources much the past couple weeks. I took a break to volunteer multiple days at my daughter's school and sell Girl Scout cookies with her. In my Pyrex time I spent the last couple weeks inventorying my collection and culling my hoard. I had lots of pieces I picked up when I first started to collect. Now I have narrowed my focus and no longer pick up Pyrex I'm not overly interested in. The only exception is if I think I can trade the piece with someone else that will get me a piece to grow my collection of must-haves. Offloading is kind of cleansing and is definitely helping with our space and storage issues.

Last week started off with me releasing three boxes back into the wild. I am sure everything will find good homes. 

Then the week passed with the postal carrier dropping off several trades and picking up some more trades and sales to go out, one as far as Hawaii. I also did a local sale and met a new fellow collector this week which is always fun; I was happy to pass on a piece she had really wanted plus I got to talk Pyrex with someone in person that isn't my husband.

Sunday we went to a antique/flea market which was a complete and total bust Pyrex-wise. I did pick up some vintage Valentine postcards and a light up gnome. Yes, a light up gnome (see it here). 

On the way home we stopped off at Goodwill where I was thrilled to find this Snowflake Garland 501, which completes my refrigerator set! I had an extra lid at home though it is the last one in my stash. I am resolving myself to buying any cheap 501 with lid so I can stockpile lids once again (interestingly I have amazing luck at finding 502 and 503 lids at the thrift, but never a 501 all by itself). I also found this 043 lid, my second extra. I hoard lids, sometimes I think I collect lids and not Pyrex. 

Anyway, there were two other collectors at the store so I was lucky to get the 501 and the lid. They showed up after me and scooped up some Town & Country, a 471 and 472, that I passed by. They were oohing and aahing over the pattern as they had never seen it before and were asking each other what it was but neither knew. Standing in the same aisle I overheard them and nicely told them the pattern name and approximate manufacture date and was told in return they are Pyrex experts and major collectors and dealers. Um, okay. Next time I will just keep my mouth shut :).

And here is the 501 with its brethren, another complete set! I finished New Dots this past week as well with the arrival of Orange Dots as part of a trade. 

With a few spare days this week I will be out again on the hunt, hoping for some fun finds. Have a great week!


  1. Yay on completing the Blue Garland fridgie set!! I just keep finding 501s, hope my luck changes soon!

    I'm ready for a second pass through my hoard and see what I can let go. I have lots of space, so it's hard to let go when you have the room :0( Thank goodness some patterns have limited pieces!!!



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