Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Weekly Thrift Store Finds

It's that time again, posting my weekly Pyrex finds.  Seemed like a long slow week, but once I put everything together, I managed to get more than a few things.

First I have to reiterate my dismay on the the $14.99 Hostess bowl I saw last week and mentioned it when I posted.  Here it is:

Would you buy this for $14.99?  Well I did.

I know, that is nuts! Fortunately it was discounted on the day I picked it up. I needed a top for the bottom I ran into!

Can't report anything exciting this week.  I got a SB 441 that was nicer than the one I already had, and just because, I picked up the brownie pan.  SB and BFG newer patterns that I will mix into my Autumn Harvest--SB--BFG new pattern collections.  I wanted to get some of the lighter color variations of those patterns, so I'll likely thin out what I have and donate it.  I don't want to collect all those patterns individually, I already have most of the older versions as it is.  Got my friend a Homestead casserole for her collection.  Got my 3rd Blue Garland 501 and today ran into a minty 043 Gold Garland, which I have a cradle for.

So there was something out there, but not much for me.  I could have left a few of these pieces, but I needed a bit of a fix. I did get some surprises in the way of Federal glass this week, first ever for me.  I posted at my blog here and here if you wanna take a looksie!

(Hopelessly addicted),



  1. I have to say that I would have considered buying the hostess dish for the lid only, depending on the price! I have both sizes of the yellow dishes and no lids. I once purchased a 501 Butterprint fridge dish at a thrift store just for the lid, and I actually handed the bottom back to the cashier and said they could resell it, because I only wanted the lid (the bottom was so faded you could barely tell what pattern it was...) She looked at me like I was crazy... but I got my lid! I'm not looking for a lot these days, so I'm willing to shell out a bit more for the exact pieces I want!

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    2. I deleted the earlier comment because…holy typos. I was agreeing with you, Brenda. I will also pay more for what I want because the list of what I want is getting too small to be choosy.

  2. Looks like a great group of finds!