Friday, February 7, 2014

Pyrex Before the Storm -- My Early Weekly Thrift Store Finds Post

I usually post on Monday, but we are having a winter (snow) storm and it looks like I won't be hunting for a couple days or so, so I figured I might as well post.  Fortunately I have something to post! 

There was more out there than what I got, but here are things I can use and wanted.  My first ALMOST find was a Friendship promotional.  A friend alerted me and I was there in no time just to see it walking down the aisle in the arms of another.  No lid or under plate, but it was a beauty.  That day the only other piece produced was the brown 501 for Old Orchard, I tried to be happy, well, I was, I always love a fridgie, but well, you know.

The next morning, I plucked the 442 Pink Gooseberry out of the cart, couldn't believe my eyes!  Boy did I feel better.  I was even okay with having missed the Friendship the day before.  I've only been waiting a few years.  Small chip on the underside of one handle, but super shiny, $3.60--score!!!

I have the old 403 and 404 Primary bowls--always running into DWD 401s and 402s, but finally, I got mine!  They were in the bottom of a cart, the whole set.  Would you know the two best pieces were the 401 and 402.  Very few small scratches and super shiny!  Based on color the 401 seems to be from the Reverse Primary (and it has the number).  The red 402 is the old numberless.  These were $2.70 and $4.50--sweet!

I almost didn't pick up the Snowflake divided as I thought I had it, but I realized I have the white with blue. The Homestead 402 is the last one for my friend's set. And I am growing my Town and Country collection, delighted to get this 045. 

I have a Butterprint 441-444 alternating blue and white bowl set and I also have a 444 white with blue print.  This week I got the white with blue 443, so I'll work on making that all white bowl set as long as they come my way.

I have to have at least one (or two) pieces of the lime colored Spring Blossom for my mixed pattern set!

My not so thrifty finds.  Well here are some things on my wish/need list that I haven't been finding, so I resorted to vintage/antique shops and malls. Paid more for the Verdé lid than I really wanted, but I still had birthday money and I just wanted the lid to my 043,  didn't want to think about it anymore.  I love Horizon blue and it just isn't showing up at the thrifts, so I paid $9 bucks for this 473.  It's the only piece I've seen anywhere locally.  And then the promotional 024 because I MUST have at least one patterned 024.

That was a lot of talking and a lot of Pyrex don't you think?  I'm feeling a bit of cabin fever and the snow is coming down like crazy...

If that isn't enough finds and Pyrex talk, here are couple links to my blog of My Pink Pyrex Collection, and recent thrift store finds.

(Hopelessly addicted),


  1. I have to admit I would sob if I saw the Friendship in the arms of another. So close yet so far! That red 402 looks beautiful, I keep hearing how hard those are to find in good condition. You did great!

    1. Yeah, no doubt it took me a little while to shake that loss as Friendship is high on my list of favorite patterns.

  2. Oh my! All that in a week? That's how a couple months looks for me! But in a city of over 2.5 million & only 20ish thrifts, lots of dealers & lots of competition. I keep hoping my dream item will roll out on a cart while I am there. Has yet to happen!

    1. There's a lot of competition here, too, Sir-Thrift-A-Lot. We are about 1 million but get tons of traffic up from Mexico. Our thrifts are always super packed with hunters, dealers, collectors, etc. It blows me away!

    2. Well, it was actually 5 days of hunting and we hit the stores quite a bit. Locally and in our neighboring town. Certainly have a smaller population here. I feel like I luck out when I get some good that hasn't hit the shelves as I know the dealers/pickers would have picked it up.

  3. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard....

    What an amazing week you had!! Congratulations! I have to confess, my primary set is one I bought off ebay. I never, ever saw it out in the wild, and I wanted that set so badly. I paid more than I should have, but I don't regret it. I still haven't run across any, not even the DWD ones. So kudos to you for completing your set-that must feel great!

    1. Tee-hee, you cracked me up Maureen!

      I am pretty surprised how well I did as well. That Gooseberry would have done me for the whole week by itself!

      I think it's good for the spirit to just buy online sometimes. When you like something enough that you never regret it, then it was more than worth it. I haven't run into one Gooseberry fridgie, and that was the pattern, from the very beginning, I wanted. I waitedf for years and then I decided I would just go ahead and get them! And I'm hap-hap-happy!!!!