Monday, February 10, 2014

New sideboard!

I took delivery of a "new" piece of furniture today, a mid century display unit that I picked up from an op shop (thrift shop).
It has a mirrored back and a glass shelf inside, making the light reflect inside which is much nicer than most book cases that I've used in the past!

My maiden display is my favourite pattern, horizon blue, with a couple of australian spacesavers added for good measure!


  1. Oh how nice!!! That is so exciting--do you look at it every time you walk by? :0)

    That is something on my list too! I so want to display some of my mid century atomic pottery dishware in it!!!


  2. It's lovely. I want Australian space savers!

  3. Australian space savers??! How awesome is THAT?! Seriously very cool. Drooling.

  4. I love that.. That furniture is amazing am in love!!