Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snowflake Garland - Snow in CA!

I scored big time on craigslist. Well big time for me. As it has been dry here at out thrift stores. Unless you call $24 for 1 - 444 and $39.99 for a 441, 443 and a random fire king scores. I sure do not. 

Salvation Army is on meth. 

 I did get this complete set of Snowflake Garland 480 series from craigslist. The lady said goodbye to them. Saying she always forgot to display them and wanted someone who would love them to have them. I was happy to come home and wash/dry them and proudly display them with my other Snowflakes. I gave them a happy home. 

I got some other stuff too from her. 
You can head over to Treasures My Husband Hates to check them out. 

Happy Hunting!
Treasure Hunter


  1. Wow! What a great haul Katie--nice price for the lot!!! I really like Snowflake Blue Garland, it's one that I'm slow to find pieces for. That's great you got a whole set of casseroles at once!!! (sing and dance!)