Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Weekly Thrift Store Pyrex Finds and Pics of my Hoard

I usually try and post on Monday, but I don't think I'll be going out today and plus I organized my hoard and thought I'd share!

Well, I didn't think I was going to have any luck this past week on finds, but yesterday fixed that!

I scrounged up an old 503 lid earlier in the week and that was it.  Yesterday I finally found a 958 lid for one of my Golden Honeysuckle casseroles!  I've been looking for a good two years, and finally--it felt good!  After six stops yesterday, the seventh was a hit and prices (with discounts) were great!  Yes!  I got a 444 Orange/Yellow Butterprint ($4.50), could not believe my eyes.  And a BG lasagna pan which I need for my set ($4.80) and the Homestead needed for my friend's collection ($3.60).  I was a happy happy girl!

My friend that I pick up Homestead for, went to the thrift up the interstate where she works and picked up this promotional for me and also returned these Cinderella bowls I gave her a while back as now she has so much Homestead and Woodland I have given her.

Not at all sad to get the Sandalwood back, I've fallen in love with it the past year.  The Terra Cotta Rose casserole is almost flawless and fits in great with Autumn Harvest.

Well, these were enough Pyrex additions that I had to do some reorganizing today and while I was at it I took some picture of my hoard to share.  Thought it was a good way to start the year!  Of course, I forget a stack of 401s sitting off to the side (ones of patterns I don't collect but will pick up one 401 and a fridgie set if I find it).  Also, I pulled out a few things I will donate to charity--honest--I'm trying to scale back!!!

Welcome to my hoard.  This is my out of the way space that I store my hoard when not in rotation.

And then there is what I currently have on my peninsula.  I like to have open bowls for fruits and vegetables that don't get stored in the refrigerator.  Plus, of course I use it and love to see it!

And recently I cleaned out one of the cabinets behind the tambour doors for everyday Pyrex.

I'm amazed at how nuts I've gone over Pyrex!  I've never been a collector of things and I don't like to have too much 'stuff' to deal with, but somehow Pyrex put a spell on me!  Never been tempted by clothes, shoes or jewelery but I crave finding Pyrex.  And hubby is just as eager to find it with me!

(Hopelessly addicted),



  1. Keep on keeping on! I love this post, you are a Pyrex-ing hero!

  2. My goodness! You have such a beautiful collection and seem to have the BEST luck in finding pieces.

    1. Thanks Ranae! I always feel like I'm not going to find something when I go out, though I'm hopeful. And when I do it always seems like a surprise! Oh the magic of Pyrex!