Monday, January 6, 2014

My Weekly Thrift Store Finds - Fridgie Madness!

Finally getting around to my weekly Monday post!  I was on my feet all day reorganizing all my vintage Christmas craft and wreath decorating supplies that took over my spare room as well as some other organizing projects--it was first day of the term for hubby so I had the house to myself and I went crazy!

I found stuff last week which I intended to post, but hubby came home this afternoon and asked "are you getting ready to go" (meaning--to the thrifts).  My feet were aching and I told him I didn't want to go, I was tired, but I had stuff in the garage to drop off at the charity, so I decided I would.  Good thing!  I came home with a mini haul!

Fridgies, fridgies and more fridgies!  First I found a Spring Blossom 502 and 501.  I was so excited.  I was just lamenting last week how I don't have any SB fridgies,  but I have so much other Spring Blossom.  Oh and, I finished my mixing bowl set with a 404, couldn't believe it. What really made that sweet is this is a thrift that tends to price high, but I got the 404 for $4.50--I was happy!  Then I found the Early American 503 and 502.  Another day brought the 401 Butterfly Gold to complete my set!I have a Horizon blue Cinderella mixing bowl set, but it doesn't hurt to have another 441 does it?  Today it was the Town & Country 503 and four 501s! They came from one donation obviously as they all have some color code paint dab on them.  And, to my delight, my last find today was a 550 Space Saver lid!!!  That's the second one in about two weeks!  Now I have one for my Scrolls 575.  (Now I NEED the Golden Pine Cone lid!)

There was a whole lot of Pyrex out there it seemed.  Things I already have, things I don't collect and some DWDs like a pink 401, red 402 and turquoise 403.  All I would have bought if they were in good condition.  Fortunately I made room for more Pyrex by giving a friend some after Christmas.  I'll give some more to our animal charity soon too.  I LOVE to share Pyrex in all ways!

(Hopelessly addicted),



  1. Wow! I love fridges and you really scored! Great find for the SS lid, those are hard to come by. I found one a few weeks ago for $1 and just about died.

    1. Good for you Jacquelyn! A SS lid is always cause for celebration! Though I did get 4 T&C 501s and I had two already, these are better (flawless) and came with lids! Four 501 lids in one day is a first for me!

  2. Wow, that's a great haul! I don't think I've found that much in 6 months, it's so dried up around here...