Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I was out and about the other day. My intent was not to thrift but to pick up some library books, run by the post office, and do some banking for our business. On the final leg home I thought about going by a couple thrifts and junk shops but turned a different way instead to go home. Well, on this particular way there is a thrift so I pulled in at the last minute. I am so glad I did.

On my third sweep of some very overfilled shelves I found the green and blue New Dots bowls, tucked way on a bottom shelf behind some clear bakeware. My heart sped up and I think I giggled. This was a very, very exciting find. I already had the yellow dots and another blue dots but the one I found on this trip is in much better condition. The other blue dots has a trade pending for other things on my wish list. All I need is the orange dots and I am all done! 



  1. Awesome!!!! I have your red dots (the only one I have and really wanted). I love those unexpected trips that result in a great find!!! I'm thinking not going today--been cleaning all day and my feet ache. Was just having a cup of tea, now after reading your post I think I just might, barking dogs and all!

  2. Oh my God! ;)
    Great finds, I need those 2 to finish my dots set; hopefully I'll find them ITW.

  3. Fantastic! Pyrex like that never hits my thrift shops!

  4. That is amazing! How much did you pay?

  5. Thanks all, it was one of my top scores! It is tied with the $5 Friendship lasagna pan and the $6 unmarked Turquoise Diamonds 403. I should be all nerdy and make a list of my top finds, it would help balance out those times I have overpaid at the antique malls! I think I will start a new tab in my Pyrex excel spreadsheet just for this purpose.

    Susie Q, I had no idea what a storm my post on FB would set off. I was blown away!

    Stacey, I pad $8 for the green dots and $7 for the blue dots. Funnily enough I had just purchased a blue dots from a local collector a couple weeks ago and it cost more than both these bowls combined (though not much more, she was very fair). I have the yellow dots, which I paid far too much for at an antique mall. I guess that is what I mean about balancing out the scores with the crazy prices I sometimes pay!

    All, I'm not kidding when I say I have been back to this thrift store every day since my find in the hope the orange and yellow dots will appear, but no dice so far. This is the same thrift where I have found three, yes three, 503 lids, but never have I found a bottom. No rhyme or reason. This thrift dates the items so I found these bowls the day after they were dropped off, so I am thinking the orange and yellow dots are a lost cause.