Sunday, April 6, 2014

Recent Finds

Earlier this week my husband and little miss made me go camping. I am not a camper but I agreed provided I could hit some thrifts along the way. I seriously had the iPad out and was googling places to stop as we drove. My husband was very amenable. I did pretty well in some of the small towns we passed through. I would have liked to have gone to more but snow, yes snow, was in the forecast and after one night in below freezing temperatures we all decided to go home. Here's what I did get, photographed at the campsite before I carefully packed it away for the trip home. I was thinking ahead and brought along some boxes and bubble wrap to keep them safe (and warm) in the back of the truck.

That's an unmarked Opal 401 (mold stamp number says 2, so it's an early one), Blue Stripes 403, and Pink 503 with the older lid. I was pretty happy! It's my second Pink 503 but I'm keeping it. The other one is for display, this is for my 503 stack, the size I use most for leftovers. I couldn't resist the Fire King Colonial Bands grease jar, even without the lid. It took what seemed like a metric ton of stops to get these four items, but they are all pretty minty so it was worth stumbling through the maps app. Not pictured is a JAJ Harvest casserole I found; I;m not yet sure what I am doing with it.

A couple days after our ill fated camping trip little miss and I did a thrift run. She spotted the below, which is wonderful since she collects the Pink Gooseberry in this house.

A trunk shot, I was that happy. This set is pretty minty which made me even happier. I cam home from purchasing these and traded away the set little miss already had for some new goodies for me.

This is the second week in a row I have stumbled on a Sunday yard sale and come away with some Pyrex. Recall Sunday is not a typical yard sale day here, so I am wondering if a new trend is starting.  I guess we'll see what happens next Sunday before I get too excited. Last Sunday yielded up some Butterprint fridges, this Sunday I came away with the below.

Yes dear readers, another car shot. I snapped this one while husband and little miss were checking out yet another yard sale we found, sadly one without Pyrex. Anyway, this find was a total fluke. In fact, there was more I left behind. I wasn't carrying more than a few dollars since I wasn't on the yard sale prowl, just out running errands. I had to use my emergency $20 to get this, and I got to keep my few dollars I already had. I bundled as much as I could into that $20!

So as you can see I did get some good stuff. Of course, since my mantra is "No fridgie left behind" I could not leave the 501s. I've already traded those. The two 403s I will keep. I had thought I would offload my Butterprint but I really like the size of the 403 when I am cooking. The Friendship is a no brainer and I needed it to start in on the mixing bowl set. The Snowflake Garland 475 is a double for me, I will try and trade or sell it when the holidays get closer and everyone wants snowflakes.

Husband and little miss waited in the car while I hit the sale and when I told him there was more and I didn't have enough money to get it all he tried to give me some cash. What a guy. I was okay leaving though, as what I left behind was nothing I really wanted/needed/wanted to hang on to for trade or sale. Hopefully another Pyrex lover found the sale. The funny thing about this yard sale is I was talking to the proprietor and she told me she used to have a lot of Pyrex. She kept some for herself, her kids took some, and now she was selling the remainder. I can only imagine what she kept and gave to her kids prior to the sale.

So, a pretty good week for me. Hopefully you all had some luck as well.



  1. Ohh!!! Lots of lovely Pyrex! That Fire King grease jar is so pretty! Great finds for sure!

  2. I would camp in the snow too if I had the promise of those goodies!

    Glad you found some stuff! That grease jar is AMAZING!