Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Pledge

As my apartment began to burst at the seams with my rapid Pyrex collection expansion, I began to consider what would be my stopping point...
I decided on Sunday night to pledge to stop going Pyrex 'hunting' 

I get a lot of fun out of doing the rounds of the thrift shops but it is a costly, time consuming hobby! I almost never come home with just Pyrex!! So in future I will only buy Pyrex on special occasions and holidays. I think Pyrex for Christmas, birthdays, Mother's day is quite a logical gift to myself and when holidaying I enjoy hitting the antique malls that I pass along the way, so I am not ready to give that up just yet... if ever!!

Here is my collection thus far:

My turquoise, opal and Pyrex England (with Nordic Blue pieces that complement it), go in this china cabinet that I got on the weekend for $120:

The top of my kitchen cabinets is overstacked with  T & C, Autumn Harvest and FK Copper/Peach:

These next shelves are all in my living room:

And this piece I can't fit on any of the shelf units, I think I need to go to IKEA and buy and extra shelf for one of the units!

And remember I said I live in an apartment, it is 1400 sq ft and I am a quilter so one whole spare room is bursting with fabric and I have 9 sewing machines!!

So I have picked favorites; anything pink, anything turquoise, lime, Autumn Harvest, Town & Country, Spring Blossom, Verde, Early American, black snowflake. These will be my main sets that I occasionally buy pieces to complement, I am also constantly in search of Friendship. But I am no longer going to buy every print I don't have...

at least not until I have a house to put it all in. I drove past Savers yesterday on my way home from work and didn't feel the urge to stop, so lets see if this can last!?

How do you manage your collecting? Are you obsessive like me? Do you need to set yourself limits? Do the limits work?


  1. Limits? What are limits? :-)

    Since my main collection is pink and turquoise/aqua, I will normally buy pieces that I already have if the price is right just in case of breakage. Since I use all of my Pyrex, it's bound to happen at some point that I need a back up :-)

    Love your collection!


  2. Ah yes, I know the feeling! I am reassessing and trying to downsize my collection--deciding what I can part with and what I want to focus on acquiring. I will still have far more than I need, but I'm feeling like I can start letting go of some of it. It's just so much fun in the beginning, finding things, seeing all the patterns first hand, all those beautiful colors!!!! But it's also fun sending it off to new homes, to new collectors who will experience the same joy I did when I found it!

  3. I am trying to downsize in a big way as well. The problem is I keep deciding on more things I would like in the process of winnowing out the things I no longer feel compelled to have. I have a large stack of space savers and I am thinking of moving along a few but then I worry I will regret it. Sigh.

    I also have a small living space, 1401 square feet (that extra one square foot is all mine!) with three bedrooms. We run a business out of our home, so one bedroom is an office and nothing else. Our daughter is in the second bedroom, and well…that just leaves the small family area, kitchen, and master for everything else. I have had to be very creative for space but at times I feel the walls are closing in.