Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Loss (Depreciation) and a Gain (Unplanned): Easter Surprises

It's Easter. I had hoped the Easter Bunny would bring me some Pyrex. In a weird way he did and he did not. This holiday weekend has me experiencing a Pyrex loss and a gain.

Let's start with the loss. It's not a total loss, so perhaps we should call it a depreciation.

I have a Musical Staff. Well, I should say my husband has a Musical Staff. I am not such a huge fan but I love space savers so yay, we both were happy. Then someone offered me a Friendship Penn Dutch for my Musical Staff. I talked it over with husband, pulled the Musical Staff down from the shelf and took some detailed pictures then put the piece back on the shelf, sent the pictures to my potential trade partner, and the trade was arranged. Yay! I pulled the Musical Staff back down and set it on the kitchen table, on top of a Martha Stewart Living, to pack the next day. The next day being Easter (today) we all sat down to eat some waffles and I idly glanced at the dish.

Looks pretty, right?

Then I took a closer look because something just seemed off. I pulled it closer to me and saw this:

Photo taken with a super fancy camera and lens

What the what? How did that chip get there????? It was not there the night before. Nor was it present in any of the detailed pictures I took. The dish was just sitting on the table all night, all by itself. Upon closer examination it looks like there is a small black stone in the chip. At first I thought it was paint but nope, it's a small stone. Then it all clicked. There has been a rash of broken pieces pictured in one of my Facebook groups, and all were traced back to a stone in the glass. The breaks were all clean or sheared, just like mine. Some breaks were on a larger scale than mine, but still, all because of a stone.

So that means I must now write about my gain. Well, we went to an estate sale the day before and I picked up a pretty trashed Verde 502. The lid was pristine and for $2 I was wiling to just get the lid. Husband was convinced he could clean up the dish. I was skeptical, it was pretty dirty and had some white stuff on it. We brought it home and he got to work. It came out like new.

Okay, so I don't like Verde so I told him I wanted to trade it, He said, well, don't you have a Verde 501? I said yes. Then I realized I had two Verde 501s, one of which was in the refrigerator holding diced onions. Then husband pointed out I have a Square Flowers bottom in my 503 stack, and wasn't that a special Verde 503 bottom that was sometimes used instead of the solid green 503? He put it all together and voila! instant set.

He was pretty happy, as you can see, so much so he took a selfie and posted it in a Facebook group. We agreed to keep the 502 and now I have a full set.



  1. Sorry about the space saver problem. Love the hubby's selfie. It's great when our guys are just as excited as us! Mine thought he was the cat's meow over his Balloon find yesterday!


  2. Weird about the stone!! Otherwise, cute story and great lil set :)