Friday, April 11, 2014


I have no new acquisitions of note this week. The only item I have found is a Lime 231. So I thought I'd share some pictures of my fridges. I love refrigerator dishes, they are so functional and are easy to store. I have "working" and "display" fridges. I've also recently decided to get every 501 and 503 outside from the complete sets I am collecting, at least to the best of my abilities.

My "working" fridges. I will eventually move the Spring Blossom to the "extra" collection stack once I find another 503. In the meantime it is put to work. I'm sure there are a few hanging out in the actual refrigerator that are not pictured here; looking at this I know there is at least a Butterprint and Verde 501 being utilized.

This is my stack of "extra" or collection 501s and 503s. These are all duplicates or a set I am not completing, as is the case of the Verde and the Homestead. My goal is to have one of each color/pattern is these sizes. It might take me many years but that's alright. I also use these when I need fridges and all my everyday or "working' fridges are otherwise in use. I have a bunch of extra lids so they don't go topless should they become gainfully employed. 

My complete sets displayed out in the main living area. The Turquoise 503 is not in the best condition (but also not the worst) and it will do until I can find another. I actually found the entire Pink set in the wild at a flea market over the course of about a year.

Yes, that is a Friendship refrigerator set on my dresser. The dresser was my great great grandmother's; my husband restored it just before our little miss was born. Lighting in this room is terrible, my apologies for the not-so-great picture.

Of course my little miss has a set since she is collecting Gooseberry. These are in her bedroom on what we refer to as the dust collector, or a recessed shelf so high up no one can possibly be bothered to dust.

Happy hunting!



  1. Well, you know how much I love fridgies--this post is right down my alley. So pretty!

  2. I tried to send you an email, but it said it was a phishing site and would not let me contact you as I would like to showcase the pyrex I have found.
    Thanks, Dagmar

  3. You have a great collection! I have quite a few sets too. They are so hard to leave behind when you find them at a good price, aren't they?

    Have a great weekend!